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December 1, 2017

Doozie Dusseldorf

Style: 07 Amber Bitter Euro Lager Type: Partial Mash Beer
Hop-forward German ale with plenty of complex malt character to back it up, true to style.
Original Gravity (est): 1.054 ABV (est): 5.2
Final Gravity (est): 1.014 IBU (est): 44
4 lbs Pilsner Liquid Malt Extract
2 lbs Munich Liquid Malt Extract
1 lbs Dark Munich
1 lbs German Pilsner
.5 lbs Caramunich II
.25 lbs Carafa I
.25 lbs White Wheat Malt
.25 lbs Melanoiden Malt
1.25 oz Perle (60 minutes)
1 oz Spalt Select (15 minutes)
1 oz Spalt Select (5 minutes)
Yeast German Ale (Wy 1007/2565) (WLP 036/029)
Chill to 62 and hold for one week, then let free-rise to high 60’s to finish. After conditioning, age cold for three weeks or more.


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07 Amber Bitter Euro Lager
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