Spring 2018 Newsletter

“Here's to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one.
A p̶r̶e̶t̶t̶y̶ ̶g̶i̶r̶l̶ attractive partner! and an honest one.
A cold beer -- and another one!”
— Irish toast


Is it spring yet? The robins, bluebirds and sparrows are sure acting like it. These weekends are prime backyard brew weather for sure. We all know we’ll get hit with the classic spring snow storm, but this sunshine is sure welcome!

We had a great turnout for Tony Rau’s yeast prop class. If you were there and haven’t sent us a pic of your plate growing, do! We’ll post a few good ones on the site.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and for once the forecast looks pretty good. Hope you have some fun planned! Crack those stouts and reds and whatever-you-gots, and play safe.

We have a bit of bittersweet news: Kirk Flaskegaard, our Assistant Manager of five years (?!!) is headed up the hill to brew at Lumpy Ridge full time. After more than a year of part-timing it with them, it’s a well deserved move and we couldn’t be more excited for him.
He’s around through the weekend if you want to come wish him farewell. Next time your up in Estes check out his tasty wares!

Also we hope you’ll give a warm welcome to our newest employee, Jim French. He’s got over four years of brewing experience, and a bottomless passion to learn and share. We are excited to have him join our team.


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We have some fun new items from the last couple of weeks. Check them out HERE.

Our class schedule is posted HERE.
If you’re looking to get into all-grain brewing, check out our 3/31 class! Two hours of in-depth discussion on mashing.

Seasonal Yeast Strains

We have one more order coming in from Wyeast this month if you’re hoping to grab any of these VSS strains. Let us know soon and we get your name on it.
Seems White Labs pulled back on the Buchner and Lacto strains they’d planned to roll out but we’re looking forward to the Australian Ale and German X Lager yeasts coming in July. They do still have the Old Sonoma and Zurich if you’d like another chance at either of those. Just let us know.

About These Liquid Yeasts

Hops and Berries carries the full line of Wyeast and White Labs brewing yeast, but some of the more obscure strains come in limited quantities. Help us help you!
As a perishable item we try hard to keep it as fresh as the manufacturer will let us. Some of the lager strains, bacteria, etc., don’t move super fast so please let us know as soon as you get the itch and we’ll do our best to have what you want when you want it. Got a barrel project that wants 12 packages of Brett Clauss coming up? Let us know your timeline and we’ll get them in.
If we don’t have what you need at the moment, most strains are available within a week or two.

Hop of the Month

Have you played with Aramis much? Earthy citrus aromas work well for all sorts of styles that aren’t looking for a punch-your-teeth bitterness, but also plays well when blended with some of the more aggressive NW types. We’re featuring it in this month’s Pale, IPA, Saison and Amber house recipes. Hope you’ll give it a try.

Featured Extract Kit

“Red Planet” Bière de Mars is a lighter take on the French Bière de Garde style. Malt-focused but fairly dry with a hint of herbal citrus in the nose from a judicious touch of Aramis. At about 5.5% abv this will be a refreshing quaff to welcome in the warmer months. Ready in about five weeks, so get it in the fermenter!

Recipe Of The Month

<<We rocked this recipe last year and it was so tasty we’re going to throw it at you again. That WY3522 sure makes for an easy drinking Belgian Pale. Only suggestion would be to throw another ounce of Aramis in at the end of the boil to bring that herbal/spicy aroma out even more. It’s your beer, do what you like!>>

“May Flowers” is a perfect choice for those warm spring days we know are coming. A clean Belgian Pale with a liberal dose of floral hops that linger well into the finish. Bready Belgian Pale makes up the bulk of the grain bill, helped along with a couple of toasty sweet specialty malts. If you haven’t seen how nicely Mt Reinier and Alsatian Aramis hops play together, you should really give this one a try.

Mash efficiency: 75%   ~   Kettle/fermenter loss: 2qt
Gravities: 1.054 – 12    ~   IBU: 28   ~   ABV: 5.6%
9# Castle Pale Malt
1# Weyermann CaraBelge crystal malt
.75# Castle Biscuit malt
.25# Weyermann CaraAmber
Mash at 150° for an hour.

1 oz Aramis pellet (6.5%AA) – 60 min
.75 oz Mt. Reinier pellet (6.1%AA) – 15 min

Chill to 65°F, oxygenate/aerate and pitch plenty of

White Labs WLP510 or 072, Wyeast 3522 or 3942, or your cleanish Belgian strain.
Ferment in the mid 60’s until finished (8-12 days), transfer to secondary and add:
1 oz Aramis pellet
1.25 oz Mt Reinier pellet

after four or five days transfer to packaging as usual.

Substitute Belgian Pale with 6.8# Briess Golden Light LME

Steep specialty grains in 1.5 gallons @150-160° for twenty minutes.
Hop and ferment as above.