What’s New

Winter New Arrivals

  • New Dry Yeasts available: We have a few new strains from Mangrove Jack for you to try: Belgian Tripel, Belgian Wit and Mead yeasts are all on the shelf, along with 38 other dry yeast strains. Cost effective and shelf stable. Lots to love.
  • Cholaca pure liquid cacao in 32oz jugs, local CO made and featured in many beers on the front range from Lefthand and Oskar Blues to Great Divide, Breckenridge and more. Use anywhere from 16-32 ounces in a five-gallon batch for solid chocolaty goodness.
  • Swaen Pilsner Malt is here. Boutique maltsters going back to the early 1900’s, you may not have heard of them but if you’re looking for a unique pilsner base malt, give Swaen a try. Excellent choice for continental lagers, belgian blondes and tripels, and anywhere you’d use a Pils base.
  • By request: 750ml Swingtops! Buy them individually or get a discount on a case. Also 5L Swingtop jugs – these things are huge! What to fill them with?
  • Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil, a cost-effective way to jump into all-grain brewing with a very small footprint. Simple 110v plug, and a preset timer so you can set and forget.
  • New Hops: Summer, Pacifica, Pacific Gem, Pacific Jade, Rakau, Wai-iti pellets, along with Styrian, Vanguard, Warrior, Brewers Gold, Tettnang leaf and more. Click here for a sometimes-updated list.

Autumn New Arrivals

  • The Hop Grower’s Handbook, your essential guide for sustainable, small-scale hop production, is now on the shelf. Husband-and-wife team Laura Ten Eyck and Dietrich Gehring from Indian Ladder Farmstead Brewing and Cidery have written an engaging book focused toward the home grower and small-scale hop farmer.
  • Make Mead Like a Viking, Traditional Techniques for Brewing Natural, Wild-fermented, Honey-Based Wines and Beers – another new book on the shelf within a week. This one looks like a lot of fun if you’re looking for a bit more “rustic” style of fermenting.
  • WinExpert LE 2015  editions have been announced. This time around we will have FIVE limited edition wine blends available. As usual this is a pre-order item, so see us before December 4th if you want in on them. They all look very inviting, and we always hear very positive feedback on them from our customers.
    Look HERE for more details.
  • One-Gallon WinExpert Kits are a thing! Besides being the cutest little boxed wine kit you’ve ever seen, they are a fun way to dabble in wine making without much commitment. There are three whites (Moscato, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio) and three reds available Pinot Noir, Cab Sauv and the very popular Chilean Merlot). Also keep an eye out for seasonal varietiescoming soon. They make roughly 5x 750ml bottles, or for the daring brewer, it’s just about right for adding to a batch of beer. Merlot Porter or Chard Trippel, anyone?
  • New Glassware: the response to our taster glasseswas a bit surprising, so we’ve brought in even more. Along with the pub-style and tulip tasters we also have some cool 6oz chalkboard tumblers, perfect for avoiding cooties at tasting parties. Though not actually a taster, our Kölsch Stange flute holds 6oz and works great if what your tasting deserves more than a couple of sips. Also Spiegelau has a new 25ozAmerican Wheat glass, super-delicate and lovely to hold. Next time you visit be sure to check out all twelve of our glass offerings.

Summer New Arrivals

Gordon Strong’s new book Modern Homebrew Recipes is full of great ideas for your next brew, from the highest-ranked BJCP judge, and the only three-time (consecutive!) Ninkasi winner. Not just a pile of recipes, the first 50 pages discuss key points on process, interpreting others’ recipes, substitutions and more.
And then LOTS of recipes, including 12 different IPA’s. Check it out.

The Craft Beer Kitchen is a new and fresh look atcooking with beer. Published by our local friends atCraft Beer & Brewing, written by Cooper Brunk with Christopher Cina, exec chef at Breck-Wynkoop. Over 100 recipes, all beautifully photographed and carefully explained.

We have added a few hops to the growing list.Lemondrop is a lovely medium-high alpha variety with a disctinct lemon/citrus aroma.
Sonnet Goldings is a fairly new aroma hop with very nice floral Saaz/Fuggle quality, perfect for English and Belgian styles.
Check out our Organic Cascade and Organic Amarillo, both of which have a slightly different profile from their conventional counterparts.
And don’t forget we still have a bit of Niwot Farms Organically Grown Cascade, Chinook and Crystal whole cone left.

Fresh Kombucha SCOBY’s from Turtle Mountain Tea! Lovely fresh scobys from right here in Fort Collins. Super easy to make, instructions included.