Wine Kits Available from $65

We carry both WinExpert and RJS wine kits. In-house stock is limited, but lead time is generally less than four weeks for any given kit. WinExpert has completely revamped there lineup, so use the pricelist below only as a fuzzy (and dated) guide on varieties and prices. See the new lineup HERE.


Type Description Skins Price
Red Barossa Valley Shiraz w/ skins 180
Red Italian Piedmont Barolo w/ skins 180
Red Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel w/ skins 180
Red Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet Sauvignon w/ skins 180
White Mosel Valley German Gewurtztraminer 180
Red Napa Valley Merlot Stag’s Leap District w/ skins 180
White New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 180
White Sonoma Dry Creek Chardonnay 175
Red Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir 180
White Washington Columbia Valley Riesling 175
White Washington Yakima Valley Pinot Gris 175

World Vineyard

Type Description Skins Price
Red Barolo, Italian 95
Red Cabernet Sauvignon, Australian w/ skins 110
Red Cabernet Sauvignon, French 85
White Chardonnay, Argentinian 80
White Chardonnay, Australian 85
Red Grenache/Shiraz/Mourverde, Australian w/ skins 110
Red Malbec, Chilean 85
Red Merlot, Chilean 85
Red Merlot, Washington w/ skins 110
White Moscato, California 95
White Mueller Thurgau, German 85
White Pinot Grigio, Italian 80
Red Pinot Noir, California 90
White Riesling, Washington 80
White Riverland Reserve, Australian 80
Red Sangiovese, Italian 85
White Sauvignon Blanc, French 75
Red Shiraz, Australian 85
Red Tempranillo, Spanish 90
Red Trinity Red, California 85
White Trinity White, California 80
Red Zinfandel Shiraz, California 90

Island Mist

Type Description Skins Price
Red Black Cherry Pinot Noir 70
Red Black Raspberry Merlot 70
Red Black Berry Cabernet 70
Red Blueberry Pinot Noir 70
Red Cranberry Malbec 70
Blush Exotic Fruits White Zinfadel 70
White Green Apple Riesling 70
White Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc 70
White Peach Apricot Chardonnay 70
White Pineapple Pear Pinot Gris 70
Red Pomegranate Zinfadel 70
Red Raspberry Dragonfruit White Shiraz 70
Red Raspberry Peach Sangria 70
Red Sangria Zinfadel 70
White Strawberry Lychee Traminer 70
Blush Strawberry White Merlot 70
White White Cranberry Pinot Gris 70
Red Wildberry Shiraz 70


Type Description Skins Price
Red Amarone, Italian w/ skins 160
Red Brunello, Italian w/ skins 160
Red Cabernet Sauvignon, Australian 135
Red Cabernet Sauvignon, California 120
Red Cabernet Sauvignon, Chilean 115
Red Cabernet Sauvignon, French 125
Red Cabernet Shiraz, Australian 135
Red Carmenere, Chilean 125
White Chardonnay, Australian 135
White Chardonnay, California 115
White Chardonnay, Chilean 110
White Chardonnay, French 120
White Chenin Blanc, South African 120
Red Grenache/Shiraz/Mourverde, Austrialian 140
Red Malbec, Argentinian w/ skins 160
Red Malbec, Chilean 135
Red Malbec-Shiraz, Chilean w/ skins 165
Red Merlot, California 120
Red Merlot, Chilean 115
Red Merlot, French 125
Red Montepulciano, Italian 125
White Muller-Thurgau, German 120
Red Petit Verdo, Austalian w/ skins 160
White Pinot Grigio, Italian 125
Red Pinot Noir, Chilean 120
Red Pinot Noir, New Zealand 140
Red Pinotage, South African 135
White Riesling, Australian 135
White Riesling, California 110
Red Rioja, Spanish 119
Red Sangiovese, Italian 135
White Sauvignon Blanc, California 125
White Sauvignon Blanc, Chilean 110
Red Shiraz, Australian 135
White Symphony, California 110
Red Tempranillo, Spanish w/ skins 160
White Traminer-Riesling, Australian 135
White Viognier, California 110
Blush White Zinfandel, California 110

Vintners Reserver

Type Description Skins Price
White Angel Blanco 75
Red Bergamais 75
Blush Blush 70
Red Cabernet Sauvignon 80
White Chamblais 70
White Chardonnay 80
Red Chianti 80
Red Coastal Red 75
White Coastal White 65
Red Diablo Rojo 80
White Gewurztraminer 75
White Liebfraumilch 75
Red Merlot 80
Red Mezza Luna Red 80
White Mezza Luna White 85
White Piesporter 75
White Pinot Blanc 70
White Pinot Gris 75
Red Pinot Noir 80
White Riesling 75
White Sauvignon Blanc 75
Red Shiraz 80
Red Valpolicella 80
Red Viex Chateau do Roi 80
White Viognier 75
Blush White Zinfandel 75