You can't make a great beer without a good recipe. We've assembled a few of our favorites, but keep checking back as we continue to add more. We have them arranged by the new 2015 BJCP style, which you can find here. We encourage you to use these recipes as guidelines. You brew your own to drink what you want. Feel free to substitute hops or yeast, or add grain, spices and even more hops to create your masterpiece. Keep ingredients within the same "family" (e.g., change a 20°L domestic crystal malt to a similar colored German crystal, or swap Cascade for another citrusy NW hop, minding the bittering) and it will still be a great recipe. If you want suggestions, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you design your recipe . Also check out our ever growing library of recipe and style books.

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Recipe Of The Month: ``A Beer Has No Name`` session black IPA

What’s lightweight, jet black and bitter throughout? Our session black IPA is what. Though it clocks in at just over 4% abv, don’t let it’s weight fool you. An ounce each of Simcoe and Galaxy at 60, then again at zero followed by two ounces of El Dorado steeped, this one is sure to stick you with the pointy end.
4.2% ABV, 36 SRM, 56 IBU’s.
(We’re brewing this one up at our March class, so if you brew it check back and we can compare!)

Mash efficiency: n/a   ~   Kettle/fermenter loss: n/a
Gravities: 1.044    ~   IBU: 56   ~   ABV: 4.2ish%

5# Briess Dark LME
2# Briess Munich LME
.75# Dextrin malt
.4# Midnight Wheat
.2# Carafa II
.2# British Roasted Barley

1 oz each Simcoe AND Galaxy pellet – 60 min
1 oz each Simcoe AND Galaxy pellet – 0 min
2 oz El Dorado – Dry hop 4 days

Chill to 64°F, oxygenate/aerate and pitch WLP001, Wy1056, US-05, etc

Ferment in the mid 60’s. On day four add dry hops. Transfer to secondary to clear for four or five days then transfer to packaging as usual.