Taylor Caron

Taylor is our general manager at Hops & Berries. His favorite beer style is whichever one he hasn’t brewed in the longest, but he does love the sours, Bavarian lagers and well-aged strong ales. The best part about brewing for him is that there is always something new to learn. As a national-ranked BJCP judge, he enjoys competing and judging in homebrew competitions, trouble-shooting off flavors, and generally geeking out about beers and styles and historical brew trivia. You’ll find a bold red wine and a straight mead in his cellar most times, but he’s generally about the world of beer. His least-favorite job at Hops & Berries is the mountain of paperwork, so if you see him at his desk, you are invited to distract him for as long as you like!


What’s Brewing:

9/13: Tankhouse 7-ish, Smash ESB, Bock, Belgian Black, Cab bbl Saison, über helles Pils, Cranberry Cyser (?), need to get around to bottling these three carboys of wine someday! Never ending kraut & curtido, but it’s about time for a big batch of kimchi methinks….